Re: Afterstep FTP site and AfterStep Classic 1.1 beta 2

Stephen Ma (
20 Sep 1998 15:47:53 -0700

Hello Ed,

The following message was bounced by the mailing list when I sent it a
few days ago.  I hope it goes through this time.

Stephen Ma


Ed Orcutt <> writes:

> Due to an increased workload I have not been able to maintain f.a.o..
> We have coordinated the transfer of (Thank you Bean!).
> But we have not been able to find a host and maintaineer combination
> for f.a.o. Your support is requested ;)

David Mihm has generously agreed to host the files for Classic, and
Bean has also offered to do so.  I will post another announcement to
this list when I find out where the files will end up.

As for support, I would certainly be willing to maintain the
AS-Classic part of the new FTP site; someone who knows AS 1.4+ better
than I do would be more qualified for that part.

My internet provider doesn't allow incoming FTP, so while I'm willing
to be one of the maintainers, I unfortunately can't volunteer to be

Stephen Ma