Re: Stupid problem

Tomas Duewiger (
22 Sep 1998 17:18:32 +0200

Ron Thompson <> writes:

> Okay, after not even being able to get Afterstep 1.5Beta1 or Beta2 to run,
> I decided to take a chance on Beta4.  It runs, and wonderfully, and I LOVE
> all the new things, even though I do kinda agree with the other guy about
> simplicity.  But... I can't seem to get AS to run from XDM... it'll run
> with xinit just fine, but that's it.  Is there a way to force xdm into AS,
> or is there a configuration step I'm missing?  Thanks for any help, the
> older AS's worked fine with xdm, just none of the new ones.  8-/

When using xdm you need to modify the ~/.Xsession, for example that way
that it reads your ~/.xinitrc or ~/.Xclients. 
~/.Xsession has to be executable. 
But this problem shouldn't be a problem with afterstep, since xdm only
executes the respective binary, maybe you should call it with it's
complete path, since the new versions live in /usr/local/bin.


Tomas Duewiger