New Pager
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 11:16:28 -0500

>Hi, I had installed the AS1.5b4 release of a few days back.
>Everything works fine. I came to know of a new pager today.
>Downloaded the pager_ba...tgz file today. The readme file
>does give clear instructions on what to do. I did that and
>there was an error. I got no idea how the patch thing works.
>Could somebody please help in which directory the patch
>file should be to make it work.
>Thanks in advance.

OK, the file you downloaded contains patch and one Directory called Pager.
You should untarr it to your src directory,  like /usr/src , if your
AfterStep distribution is in /usr/src/AfterStep-1.5beta4

After you untarr it, do:

cd /usr/src
patch < backgr36_afterstep1_5beta4.patch
cd AfterStep-1.5beta4/src/Pager
rm *
cd ../../../Pager
cp * /usr/src/AfterStep-1.5beta4/src/Pager
cd ../AfterStep1-5beta4

read supplied aspagerupdate.html for new features explanation.

That should do everything you want.