Re: Help w/Wharf & internal functions.

Paul J. Bolle (
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 01:51:16 -0600 (MDT)

On 2 Sep 1998, Tomas Duewiger wrote:

> Try
> *Wharf Restart pixmaps.xpm Restart "" afterstep
> That should work, at least it works here.
	Yup. Works great. Thanks a lot. Wracked my brain enough on
this one... I was afraid I'd pull all my hair out...

> > 	And as a side note, if there is actually an answer to this
> > one... I realize some of the docked apps I'm using are intended for
> > WindowMaker, but a few of those require me to physically place them before
> > the Wharf will swallow them. Is there a way to avoid this action, or
> > should I just get used to it? (The ones in question are 'wmmount'
> > 'wmmixer', and 'wminet', to be precise.) I am aware of the 64x64 size
> > limitation, but I have other 'wm'-type applets that do swallow properly
> > that are the same physical dimensions.
> I don't know the ones that doesn't fit. wmifs fits well with MaxSwallow.
	I've had the same luck with 'wmifs', 'wmtime', and 'wmnet'.
They swallow no prob, but these other three insist on my "clicking"
them down before they behave. Perhaps there is a style I need to give
them, or some such trick?

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