[ascp] config. pages (Nwanua)

Nwanua Elumeze (nwanua@makaha.colorado.edu)
Tue, 22 Sep 1998 20:07:10 -0600 (MDT)

Hello all,

I just got myself AfterStep1.5b4 (up from 1.4) and have noticed a whole wealth
of new configs.
My dilemma is how to present those configs on ascp:

For example, take wharf:

we've got 
animation, geometry, balloons, textures, the whole lot.

I'm afraid putting each and everyone of the config. options on the same
Wharf Style page would be overwhelming. So I think: "how about a option
menu to choose between animation, geometry, etc. much like how 'texture type'
is done at present?"

Since you guys would be the ones using it, I'd value your opinions on
how it should look to you.

Thanks in advance,


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