Re: Install problem

Tomas Duewiger (
23 Sep 1998 17:13:03 +0200

"AntS" <> writes:

> On a fresh install of Redhat 5.1 I am unable to compile Afterstep 1.5beta4
> on my system . If you drop to the /Afterstep1.5-beta4/src/afterstep and
> run make , the following error message appears :

Did you read the README file and run ./configure before running make?

> misc.o(.text+0x382): undefined reference to 'xfree'
> and there many others but all pretty similar. I suspect I am missing some
> library or other ,if someone could shed some light on which one it is I
> would me most appreciative.

Seems like you didn't install XFree86-devel, then you got the header files 
that are needed to compile most apps running under XFree.


Tomas Duewiger