Re: Stupid problem

Tomas Duewiger (
23 Sep 1998 18:57:10 +0200

Ron Thompson <> writes:

> Yeah, I have tried all permutations.  Exec afterstep, exec
> /path/to/afterstep, afterstep, and /path/to/afterstep.  It doesn't make
> any difference.  Another person suggested I put afterstep as my first wm
> in /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients, but it already is. I modified Xclients to
> reflect the real path to afterstep since it wasn't working at first, but
> that didn't help either (this was a while ago).  This is really
> frustrating, since there is no problem running it from xinit (well, except
> that I can't use xdm...)  Thanks for the ideas, tho, guys!  I may just
> have to ditch Afterstep once again, even though it's my favorite wm.

Better cut down your ~/.Xclients to something like that:
exec afterstep
(pretty short, hm?)
That's enough to start your WM and all that stuff RedHat puts into this
files is just confusing if you don't want to use AnotherDevel or
administrate lots of users on that mashine IMO. You know that you got
installed AS and that you want to start it, so why looking for all the
other WMs? Anyhow, if you got your own ~/.Xclients modified that way it's
an easy way to step back to the default.


Tomas Duewiger