Re: Libs for afterstep 1.5Beta4

John Lewis (
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 22:33:03 +0100

Joris Struyve wrote:<snip>

> I would like to
> know if I need particular versions of the libs that afterstep is using. I
> recently upgraded libjpeg as well as several others.

I don't seem to have seen a reply to this question but I too have had
problems trying to load AS to my RH5.0 system

rpm says I do not have when I  try to install
AfterStep-1.5beta3-1.i386.rpm  I realise this is a link to the actual library
file but where do I get this. I cannot see anything on the RedHat site which
gives me a clue as to what I need.

rpm-q libjpeg gives me

In /usr/lib I have and a symlink