Re: [Announcement] AfterStep-APPS-1.5beta5

Guylhem Aznar (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 22:28:03 +0200

> Every applet ends the configure with:
> "AfterStepApps 1.5.0 beta 4 are now hopefully configured"
> hmmmm... this should be the name of the applet and
> the version is incorrect...

No, it's because *the* is identical for each asapps ; there
are only 2 "apps specific" lines.

But feel free to change this or packaging method.
> You got an old asapm in there, it's at ver. 2.2 now.
> I can send you the new one but i have no idea how to
> write autoconfigure scripts or how to convert the app
> to the configure of the asapm from the tarball...

It's quite simple : autoconf creates Makefile from &
Makefile.common from

If you added C files, add them to

> I have another applet: ascpu to join the distribution.
> I can send that one to you too, maybe you can have a 
> look and tell me if it's worth putting in.

Please get AsApps package and change anything you want.

BTW, we need an apps maintainer :)

> Cheers,
> Albert

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