Re: xlock on solaris (was : beta4 on solaris)

Henning Percy (
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:54:51 +0100 (BST)

On Wed, 23 Sep 1998, Dave Wreski wrote:

> Hi all.  I just wanted to report that beta4 is working correctly on
> solaris, except for a few problems..
> - There was one unexplained crash, and another crash that even crashed the
> kernel...
> - xlock doesn't seem to sync to the correct frequently of the monitor, as
> the image is complellyy unintelligible on my sparc 21" monitor.  However,
> if I use the 'screen saver' option from the menu, it seems to work
> correctly.  It seems to be some kind of incompatibility between the
> /usr/openwin/bin/xlock binary and the window manager?
> - Should I be using xset to control the screen saver?  In other words, how
> do I lock the screen after, say, 15 minutes of inactivity?

	I use xlock on Solaris 2.5.1 and it works fine. The standard xlock that
is normally in /usr/openwin/bin is not as up to date as the default one used on
linux. The Solaris version does not have nearly as many modes as the linux
	I've downloaded xlockmore version 4.11 and compiled it for solaris with
no problems. xlockmore is just xlock with loads of new modes. It is totally
compatible with the standard xlock in /usr/openwin/bin, but it's much better.

	You can download the latest version of xlockmore from:

	Hope this helps,

	Adler (