1.5beta4 vs 1.0 vs Fvwm

Steve Charters (charters@ferndown.tt.slb.com)
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 09:03:56 +0100 (BST)

I've recently moved to AfterStep from Fvwm and generally I like it.
There is one thing I noticed though. In Fvwm when Dialog boxes come up
they only have one titlebar button (Button 1 in afterstep) the close/quit
one. In Afterstep 1.0 however these dialogs are given a full complement of
buttons and cen be resized. This is generally not normal for dialogs. Is
there a reason why this is so? 

Also I have been trying out 1.5beta4 as well with the same configuration
as I had for 1.0, I copied the relavant bits of .steprc to /G/A/L/wharf
etc. and I get some slightly different behavour. 

1. The wharf buttons are quite a shade darker in 1.5.
2. The pager seems to insist on having the desktop background the same as
   the pager background.
3. At times, when I change focus it doesn't switch colormaps for
   my Netscape which uses its own.
4. the out of focus windows titlebar has a more noticable white border (v.
   minor problem)

Is there some extra configuration needed to correct any of these?

Also one more question can you create other menus but start/ in the same
way and assign them to mouse bindings or must the be specified in the
feel. as Popups like the old days?



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