1.5beta4 vs 1.0 vs Fvwm

Thu, 24 Sep 1998 15:26:15 -0500

Steve Charters Wrote :

>I've recently moved to AfterStep from Fvwm and generally I like it.
>There is one thing I noticed though. In Fvwm when Dialog boxes come up
>they only have one titlebar button (Button 1 in afterstep) the close/quit
>one. In Afterstep 1.0 however these dialogs are given a full complement of
>buttons and cen be resized. This is generally not normal for dialogs. Is
>there a reason why this is so?

This is actualy a feature in AfterStep. If you wish to disable it  -
then go to your    .feel file and comment the following :

# Put a titlebar + various stuff on dialog boxes
>Also I have been trying out 1.5beta4 as well with the same configuration
>as I had for 1.0, I copied the relavant bits of .steprc to /G/A/L/wharf
>etc. and I get some slightly different behavour.
>1. The wharf buttons are quite a shade darker in 1.5.
>2. The pager seems to insist on having the desktop background the same as
>   the pager background.

That is true. It also is limited to XPM image format.
We are planning on addresing this issue in the patch5 for 1.5beta4
as well as some other improvements to Pager.

>3. At times, when I change focus it doesn't switch colormaps for
>   my Netscape which uses its own.
>4. the out of focus windows titlebar has a more noticable white border (v.
>   minor problem)
>Is there some extra configuration needed to correct any of these?

check your  .look and .feel files  in ~/G/L/A/desktop directory.


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