Skip Morrow (
Tue, 1 Sep 1998 19:25:08 -0700

I have xearth in my autoexec.  It works exactly as it I think it should,
except that when I restart Afterstep, each time it seems to add one more
instance of xearth.  I have figured out what is going on and I need a good
way to stop it.  Whenever you quit afterstep, it remembers what was running
and re-runs it when restarted.  Now, since xearth was running it goes into
the "it-was-running-so-run-it-again" list.  But it is still in my autoexec
so it gets run again.  If I don't notice on restart (or remember) that there
is now two instances running, and I restart again, I get three instances.
And do on.  How do I make this stop?  Do I have to explicitly stop xearth
before quitting?  I made a script that greps the ps output and kills xearth
and tried putting it in the Start->Quit->Restart this Session file but
afterstep complained and refused to run.  How do I do this?

Skip Morrow