Re(2): Stupid problem

Ron Thompson
Thu, 24 Sep 1998 21:57:11 -0400

Okay, I tried a simple .Xclients also, and it just wouldn't start up at
all, since it couldn't successfully exec afterstep.  I even tried it with
the full path.  8-(
I'm really upset about this!  I >cannot< get afterstep 1.5Beta4 to run
from xdm.  Can't SOMEONE figure this out?  Is there something I'm missing?
 The older aftersteps had no problem running from xdm!
Please help!  8-)
  -Ron,Internet writes:
>Ron Thompson <> writes:
>> Yeah, I have tried all permutations.  Exec afterstep, exec
>> /path/to/afterstep, afterstep, and /path/to/afterstep.  It doesn't make
>> any difference.  Another person suggested I put afterstep as my first wm
>> in /etc/X11/xinit/Xclients, but it already is. I modified Xclients to
>> reflect the real path to afterstep since it wasn't working at first, but
>> that didn't help either (this was a while ago).  This is really
>> frustrating, since there is no problem running it from xinit (well,
>> that I can't use xdm...)  Thanks for the ideas, tho, guys!  I may just
>> have to ditch Afterstep once again, even though it's my favorite wm.
>Better cut down your ~/.Xclients to something like that:
>exec afterstep
>(pretty short, hm?)
>That's enough to start your WM and all that stuff RedHat puts into this
>files is just confusing if you don't want to use AnotherDevel or
>administrate lots of users on that mashine IMO. You know that you got
>installed AS and that you want to start it, so why looking for all the
>other WMs? Anyhow, if you got your own ~/.Xclients modified that way it's
>an easy way to step back to the default.