Re: Re(2): Stupid problem

Doug Alcorn (
24 Sep 1998 22:40:32 -0400 (Ron Thompson) writes:

> Okay, I tried a simple .Xclients also, and it just wouldn't start up at
> all, since it couldn't successfully exec afterstep.  I even tried it with
> the full path.  8-(
> I'm really upset about this!  I >cannot< get afterstep 1.5Beta4 to run
> from xdm.  Can't SOMEONE figure this out?  Is there something I'm missing?
>  The older aftersteps had no problem running from xdm!
> Please help!  8-)
>   -Ron
I don't think it is standard to necessarily use the .Xclients.  It may 
also use the .xinitrc or the .xsession.  On my box (RedHat Linux 5.1)
it is the .xsession.  With RedHat Linux, I think it has changed across 
releases.  You might try using one of these other files.  I am running 
1.5b4 with xdm without any problems.

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