Tomas Duewiger (
01 Sep 1998 07:48:23 +0200

"Nathan Widmyer" <> writes:

> Thanks for your suggestions, any help is better than no help.  I use to
> use bochs, I don't know if anyone knows what that is but it's a dos emu

Bochs is a bios emulator, it runs a complete virtual mashine. It takes lot 
of resources, but if you got enough you can even run Win95 in it. There
is a XDos-emu out here (also shipped with RedHat 5.1) that runs under X11, 
but I never tested it.

> program but I see people using Wine, so I might give that a try sometime.
> I'm going to try and get a nice Dual Pentium II 450 machine with Matrox
> Millenium G200 video card, lots of RAM and more soon, I have about 2/3 of
> the money now, but I should rock the casbah with that and use the machine
> I'm on now as a server.  And my question more specifically is how do
> people get such good looking desktops like pixmaps in Wharf, backgrounds,
> the little pictures in every frame that are for closing the frame,
> iconization, etc...,

With some phantasy it shouldn't be a problem to create all the stuff. If
you are new to Linux, you maybe don't got that much icons on your
computer. Look around in the internet to grab some icons, backgrounds and
other pixmaps. There are a lot of icons in the AS package, but you maybe
need some more to fit your ideas ;-) I put some gnome icons for 8bpp (all
together about 80 colors) on my webpage for example, and there are lots of 
sites holding icons. When you got them look through the configuration
files for how to use them in wharf and in the look files.


Tomas Duewiger