Re: Documentation for configuration settings

Andrew Sullivan (
Fri, 25 Sep 1998 14:27:22 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Andrew Morkunas wrote:

> Hurray, I have succesfully installed and am operating AfterStep 1.4 and
> I am very happy with it. 

Hmm.  Which version of 1.4?  Because, actually, the 1.5 beta is so close
to perfect as to make it easier to use than the 1.4 versions, in my view.

> Now I have been seeing some really sexy screen shots of what people
> have done with their desktop only to say "here is a copy of my .steprc
> file".  I have not been able to find any descriptive documentation on
> setting up the .steprc file or on the individual module files located
> under /afterstep.  Does such a document exist?

No.  The new versions of afterstep do not use the .steprc file.  Look at
the FAQ, version 1.4.6.  A new one will show up Real Soon Now.  (I'm
working on it as we speak.  Well, not literally, of course, but you know
what I mean.)

> How do you set a bitmap for the background ?

Go to your start menu/decorations

> How do you set up a window so its background  is transparent?

If this is the "how do you get an xterm to be transparent" question, then
you'll be shot at dawn.  Read the FAQ.  (The "transparent *term" question
qualifies, I think, as the MFAQ.)  Otherwise, the decision is pretty much
up to the application.   I know of no actual "transparent background"
apps, except for eterm.  (Technically, roottail doesn't qualify, I think.
Your views may vary.  As a professor I respect always says, "It'd be a
dull world if we all always agreed.")


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