Re: asload uses too many colors

J.D. Jordan (
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 17:52:49 -0400

	asload does  use more then a few colors, the pixmap border it has uses a
gradient of colors...  the only way I got around this on the sun at work
was to use xload instead of asload, because xload used less colors by far.


At 03:22 PM 9/28/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I doubt it does.  I suspect, instead, that you already have all the other
>colours allocated.  When a new set of colours is allocated, all the ones
>in the first set get buggered.
>This is particularly true of "composite" colours, which require more than
>one of the standard 256 to display in the colourmap.  Try picking a colour
>which is _exactly_ the same as another one already defined on the screen.
>Now, if that is something you've already done, or if it doesn't work,
>you've got me!
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