Re: asload uses too many colors

Tomas Duewiger (
29 Sep 1998 07:31:29 +0200

Stephen Loewinsohn <> writes:

> I wish I had noticed this before, but I think the real problem is that
> afterstep is still only detecting 8 bit collordepth. Even when I run
> startx -bpp 16 or higher, I get this message when afterstep starts up;

This have to be startx -- -bpp 16

> detected colordepth : 8
> I have a fast graphics card (Matrox Millenium II) so I should be able to
> get more colors, right? If so please let me know how.

Of course, you could even use 32bpp. 
Edit your XF86Config file and add the following to Section "Screen":

Section "Screen"
    DefaultColorDepth 16


Tomas Duewiger