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Tue, 1 Sep 1998 08:08:54 -0400

Thanks Tomas, I guess I needed to get myself straight as to what I need to
do.  It's just that I see everyone else's screenshots and I see great
backgrounds, colors, Wharf pixmaps and I say to myself 'Why don't I have
that', but I guess I have to work for it.  Well, where are the config files
I need to edit for wharf?  Thanks, later.
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Date: Tuesday, September 01, 1998 2:50 AM
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>"Nathan Widmyer" <> writes:
>> Thanks for your suggestions, any help is better than no help.  I use to
>> use bochs, I don't know if anyone knows what that is but it's a dos emu
>Bochs is a bios emulator, it runs a complete virtual mashine. It takes lot
>of resources, but if you got enough you can even run Win95 in it. There
>is a XDos-emu out here (also shipped with RedHat 5.1) that runs under X11,
>but I never tested it.
>> program but I see people using Wine, so I might give that a try sometime.
>> I'm going to try and get a nice Dual Pentium II 450 machine with Matrox
>> Millenium G200 video card, lots of RAM and more soon, I have about 2/3 of
>> the money now, but I should rock the casbah with that and use the machine
>> I'm on now as a server.  And my question more specifically is how do
>> people get such good looking desktops like pixmaps in Wharf, backgrounds,
>> the little pictures in every frame that are for closing the frame,
>> iconization, etc...,
>With some phantasy it shouldn't be a problem to create all the stuff. If
>you are new to Linux, you maybe don't got that much icons on your
>computer. Look around in the internet to grab some icons, backgrounds and
>other pixmaps. There are a lot of icons in the AS package, but you maybe
>need some more to fit your ideas ;-) I put some gnome icons for 8bpp (all
>together about 80 colors) on my webpage for example, and there are lots of
>sites holding icons. When you got them look through the configuration
>files for how to use them in wharf and in the look files.
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