Doug Alcorn (
01 Sep 1998 10:53:00 -0400

"Nathan Widmyer" <> writes:

> I'm on now as a server.  And my question more specifically is how do people
> get such good looking desktops like pixmaps in Wharf, backgrounds, the
> little pictures in every frame that are for closing the frame, iconization,
> etc..., those kind, it's probably what you were trying to say but I want to
> get a better looking desktop.  Thanks, if anyone else can help, I'll be glad
> to hear it.

Well, I just went through this process.  When I upgraded from 1.4.x to 
1.5pre9 I got a bunch of new funcitons.  Typically, about three to
four times a year I get tired of my desktop and go on a binge to setup 
a new one.  This time it took me about 20 - 25 hours in two or three
days.  The Gimp is your number one tool.  It does all of the image
manipulation stuff.  I actually don't do that much of that, but it is
important to have.  If you go to you can find a great
collection of tiles that are free for personal use.  From The Gimp
home page <> you can find a bunch of patterns.
These patterns can't be used as root backgrounds, but you can create
XPMs in the Gimp with the patterns.

The whole problem is one that takes a lot of iteration.  I usually
have to attack it from multiple directions.  Sometimes I start with a
Wharf tile, other times I start with a background.  I hope this gives
you a direction to go in.  Another neat thing I just got this weekend
is called root-tail <>.  It
writes the output of files directly on the root window.  Previously I
had been using rxvt with an XPM in the background.  This works much better.

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