QuickRestart bombs out with dumb error

*MoNsTeR* (yetter@dnvr.uswest.net)
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 18:24:11 -0600 (MDT)

when I click my Wharf button bound to: QuickRestart all (or look&feel, or
startmenu, they all do it), AfterStep crashes leaving only the error:
Popup '"Click"' not defined in line: Popup "Window Ops"       "Click"
Now, that line is in a function definition that looks like:
Function "Move-or-Menu"
	Popup "Window Ops"	"Click"
	Move			"Motion"

What's wrong?  This function is by-the-book, so to speak, and never gave
me any trouble with 1.0 (using now).

Why is QuickRestart necessary?  Despite it's name it isn't significantly
faster than Restart.  Why aren't look&feel and startmenu updatied WHEN THE
FSCKING WINDOW MANAGER STARTS???????!!!!!!!!!!  If I shut down X, then
edit my current look/feel/startmenu, and then start X again, AS doesn't
reflect the updates.  To do that, you have to QuickRestart.  This is a Bad
Thing.  IT'S ALSO VERY FSCKING DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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