Re: 1.5 beta 3 question

Ben Tracy (
Fri, 4 Sep 1998 12:33:03 +0000 (GMT)

> 	Send suggestions to the coordinators about how to improve the
> compile on HPSUX :) and they will attempt to merge it with the autoconf.

It's not so much compilation that's painful, it's just that I was coming
from N6, and the look and feel files changed etc. etc. etc.  It was the
merging of the GNUstep directories that was obnoxious.   _Please_ tell me
that the file formats are going to be stable! :-)
> 	The image of the TitleBarButtons is defined in the look file you
> use (at the bottom of the default looks) and the function of the button is
> controlled in the feel file you use.
> look:
> 	TitleButton	2   as-kill.xpm   as-kill-pressed.xpm
> feel:
> 	Mouse 1         2       A       Delete
> 	Mouse 2         2       A       Destroy
> 	Mouse 3         2       A       Destroy

Hm. At the bottom of my look file I have:

TitleButton 2 my_close.xpm my_pushed.xpm

and the feel file:

Mouse  0    2    A    Delete

Which is only slightly different.  I don't understand why that would cause
my close button to not show up.