Re: Sound Question

Tomas Duewiger (
04 Sep 1998 07:37:17 +0200

Jeff Bowman <> writes:

> Hello -
> I am running Afterstep 1.4.5.NN6N and have configured audio to play
> sounds.  However, certian sounds never happen.  No sound on iconify,
> deiconify, startup or shutdown.  How do I get these to work?? Also, I get
> sound at wierd times, like evertime I move to a submenu on my start menu
> and when Netscap updates it's page and sometimes when it follows a link.
> Here are the files I believe are germain...

Your files are correct as far as I can see. Startup and shutdown is a bug, 
this sounds are played when you shade and unshade a window ;-) test it. 
Iconify and Deiconify works here (but maybe I got an old Audio binary) so
I got no idea regarding that. 
To disable the strange noise in netscape disable *Audio toggle_paging this 
sounds are played very often.

Wharf sound didnīt work here either.


Tomas Duewiger