Re: Wharf question

Doug Alcorn (
04 Sep 1998 08:49:41 -0400

Tomas Duewiger <> writes:

> *Wharf ascd - Swallow "ascd" ascd &
> *Wharf ascd - Folders
> *Wharf asmixer -  Swallow "asmixer" asmixer -d /dev/mixer &
> *Wharf ~Folders

This is the coolest thing in the world!  I am running 1.5pre9 with a
handfull of patches.  And the above Wharf config works like a champ.
My only question is how do you control ascd?  The left button causes
asmix to drop out.  I can see the right mouse button does some things, 
but it doesn't appear to map all the left button actions.  Also, what
about apps that respond uniquely to the right mouse button.  How does
the swallowed app recieve left mouse clicks?

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