Re: Feels in AS1.5b4

Doug Alcorn (
01 Oct 1998 09:27:19 -0400

Armen Yampolsky <> writes:

> Hi,
> > On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Armen Yampolsky wrote:
> >
> > ! I recently installed the rpm of AS 1.5-0.4, and seem to be having some
> > ! trouble with the feels not showing up in the start menu.
> > David Mihm wrote:
> >         Heh, I suppose you were just trying to get them to appear in the
> > menu when you decided to go for the backgounds directory. (?) :)
> No, it's broken "out of the box".
> Sorry, no. There's nothing in the FAQ about this bug, at least I can't find
> it... Also, in 1.5-0.4, Update startmenu is not under Quit, it is under
> Decorations. Maybe we're talking different versions...
It sounds like your whole menu is messed up.  I would either
delete/move the entire ~/G/L/A.  Then start AS with the defaults.
This should copy them to your ~/G/L/A and you can customize them
there.  This may be the case of incompatible ~/G/L/A.  If you have
already tried this, I would then manually go delete all of the
afterstep stuff that gets installed and install it again.  It is worth 
noting that in my experience install can misbehave if you are running
AS while trying to install it.  I have also had problems installing
1.5bX over 1.4.X.

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