Re: Feels in AS1.5b4

Michal Vitecek (
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 18:36:37 +0200

Armen Yampolsky wrote:
>Doug, thanks for the idea, but I did try that. In fact, I got ahold of a machine
>that had never had AfterStep, installed this version (1.5b4) from the RPM, and
>created a brand new user. Same problem. Feels do not show up -- the contents of
>the backgrounds dir show up instead. Everything else works fine.
>Hmm. What is odd is that nobody seems to have noticed this. I'm thinking it's a
>packaging error. Anybody else installed the beta via RPM?

 please contact Michael K. Neylon, he created the rpms and ask him about
 it. his email address is <>. in the meanwhile u can
 get the source in tar.gz and compile it. u shouldn't have any problems
 with it.
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