Re: Couple of questions on AS customization.

Jesse Kaufman (
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 12:08:47 -0500

i have a somewhat similar problem... i want to put my iconified windows in the
uppper-left corner like the older versions of AS did... i've installed the latest
version, and it puts them in the lower left do i change this?  i
want my wharf in the lower left along the bottom (which i figured out how to do), but
if i do that, my iconified windows are covered...   how do i move them?


Ethan wrote:

> On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Paul J. Bolle wrote:
> >       I'm a little confused as to the behavior of AS (v1.4.5.55N6),
> > in regards to two little local anomalies I've run into.
> >
> >       I've specified an IconBox in my looks file, yet anything I
> > iconify places the icon at the upper-right corner of where the window
> > used to be - as if shrinking it down to that coordinate. I can't seem
> > to override this by changing the IconBox property, nor do I know where
> > else to look. I realize it's seemingly not a big deal, but it becomes
> > a hassle when the upper-right corner is beneath another window, and I
> > have to move or shade this window to get at the icon, and, well, I
> > believe IconBox was designed for a reason. :-)
> >