Re: Feels in AS1.5b4

Armen Yampolsky (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 14:53:09 -0400


Thanks, I'll download the source and compile the real thing.


> ! In any case, I believe this is a bug -- any items placed in the feels user
> ! subdir do not show up, instead, the contents of the backgrounds subdir shows
> ! up under Feel. If I create a new user with a virgin GNUstep/Library dir, the
> ! problem exists (xpm's from <ASroot>/backgrounds show up under Feel in the
> ! startmenu). Could someone confirm? Perhaps there is a workaround? Also,
> ! possibly this is an rpm problem... I installed the one built by RH on Sep 22
> ! 04:38:35 1998.
>         Don't use the beta rpm from RH - it uses the fixed menu entry and
> does not work.

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