Re: A strange bug in xiterm2?
Tue, 13 Oct 98 16:20:28 +700

>	Yes, it has happened to me prior to 1.5beta4 and has happened to
>others.  I'm not sure if the developers have figured out what's hppening,
>but it's not limited to xiterm; I had it happen in an Eterm.  I have yet
>to have it happen with 1.5beta4 + patches, or that the patches actually
>"solved" the situation. :) 

This behavior first started happening to me in 1.5pre PL (I think #8 or 9).
There is a statement in the alt-tab handling sequence that is ever reached it
will set it into lala land thus producing the results as you have explained.
I had mentioned it to the developers, but since I was the only person showing
this behavior it was decided to be my duct taped machine. I have found a "fix"
for the code. I am not at home right now so I can't give exacts but if anyone
wants me to I can post a "fix" for the problem. It appears to have no ill affect
on aftersteps functionality. But that is just on my machine.