Re: ascp-0.9.2 compilation problem

Z Ghost (
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 09:28:44 PDT

Ok..., I request that you support the non-devel. lib :)

>>> ascp look pretty good, but i cant compile it... here is the problem 
><snip error messages>
>>>  well, i use GTK+ 1.0.6, as 1.5beta4, RedHat 5.1
>>> Any ideas ?
>the problem is that you're using Gtk+1.0.6.
>The version of ascp that you're trying to compile works only with the
>devel. (aka unstable) versions of the Gtk+ (1.1.x).
>I had posted a call to vote, and if enough people want me to support 
>Gtk+1.0.x, I will. (The only thing is that Wharf Entry would not be 
>available if you use the stable lib).
>You have two choices: request that I support the non-devel. lib,
>or get the devel libs.

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