Re: Feels in AS1.5b4

John Lewis (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 21:34:04 +0100

Armen Yampolsky wrote:

> Hmm. What is odd is that nobody seems to have noticed this. I'm thinking it's a
> packaging error. Anybody else installed the beta via RPM?

Have just installed 5beta4-3 from the rpm without too much trouble. Since I am the
sole user I haven't bothered to copy files from /usr/X11R6/share/afterstep to my
~/G/L/A directory and it seems to be working OK.

The only thing I am having proble with is configuring the pager as I want it. I
cannot get rid of desks 2 and 3 despite removing  all references to these that I
could find in /u/X/s/a/pager.