running on a PPC

benjamin fry (
Fri, 02 Oct 1998 15:31:17 -0400

i'm having trouble running v1.4.5 on a powermac 7200 PPC601 120mhz
i compiled everything without error.

i made a log file of what happes when i "startx" and this is what it says:

	Xpmac / Xwindow System (X11R6.3)
	Release Data: April 29, 1998

	Running in mode=0, depth=32; req mode=0 depth=0
	Using VT number 7
	Mapping frame buffer (physaddr 0x81801400 size 0x3d2c10) at 0x2acef400

	Waiting for X server to shut down

in my .xinitrc file i have the line:

it nows where the executable is because i don't get an error that it can't
find it. and the executable works because when i run it from the console i

	cannot find screen ''

can anyone help?
-ben fry
-vassar college
-comp sci 2000