[ascp] pre-release

Nwanua Elumeze (nwanua@makaha.colorado.edu)
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 14:56:35 -0600 (MDT)

Hi all,

For developers, I have a pre release ascp-dev_10_02.tar.gz for download. 
It is at the official ascp website:  

This pre only reads config files, cannot write those files, yet. 
Note to Redhat users: I've gotten reports that ascp crashes on Redhat systems 
when it can't find config files. Although this version has been tested to resist 
such crashing, it would help if I knew where and how
AfterStep is setup on a Redhat system. I use Slackware, and I've got: 
/usr/local/share/afterstep and $HOME/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep. 

I'm hoping all  those bug busters out there will be happy to eat this up during 
the weekend, and that we'll have a release by next Friday :-)

Please remember, you _need_ to have Gtk+-1.1.1 and glib-1.1.2 for this version
to compile right. It also looks better if you have the gtkStep+1.1.1 installed
too ;-)



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   FTP:   ftp://ftp.afterstep.org/
   MAIL:  http://www.caldera.com/linuxcenter/forums/afterstep.html