Re: Eterm build question...

Dagmar d'Surreal (
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 18:17:52 -0500 (CDT)

On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, David Mihm wrote:

> On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> [snip]
> ! eterm_imlib.h:10: Imlib.h: No such file or directory
> [snip]
> ! Esetroot.c:22: Imlib.h: No such file or directory
> ! 
> ! ....yet the machine does have:
> ! 
> ! /usr/lib/
> ! /usr/lib/
> 	That's nice, but does it have the file it is looking for?  And
> what is that file?  Imlib.h: No such file or directory <--

In this particular case, it's a matter of a header file (which is created
when the library is *compiled* and *installed* by the user) being missing.
Without header files (this one should be in /usr/include or
/usr/local/include) other things can't find out what they need to know to
build themselves properly using the other things that have been installed.

My suggestion to this person is to yank out any Imlib.h files from
/usr/include and or /usr/local/include, then yank out any stale libraries
for Imlib from /usr/lib and/or /usr/local/lib to start.  Type `ldconfig
-v` to clear out the linker stuff, then get and compile the latest imlib
source, which afaik is 1.8.1.  It's not hard to compile at all, especially
if you grab it from CVS...  If it still wont build it's probably because
they're missing libjpeg, libtiff, libungif, libz, libpng, or libttf
(freetype). On the Enlightenment site is a checklist of the things
necessary to compile and install *before* Imlib is compiled, and it's
pretty hard to screw up as long as you do them one thing at a time.

If you're afraid to use a compiler, just drink a few beers or something.
This is not windows.  Using a compiler is *easy* with the way most GNU
tools and Gnu-like programs are built.  At some point in the near future
I'll put up a web page on how to get and install all the recommended
things which make compiling graphic-oriented applications go.  In the
meantime I just suggest everyone who is having problems take an hour or
two out of their terrifically busy day and go read the stuff on and on which libraries to install to
make these respective things go.  Leave out libgif (since it conflicts
with some E-stuff) plan carefully (i.e., phage through the system removing
all traces of all the graphics libraries from /usr and /usr/local
hierarchies before you install the first package!  Don't forget to
ldconfig, either!) and install them all, and it should be a long, long
time before you have a problem again.

> ! I know this isn't explicitly an afterstep question, but with all the
> ! Eterm aficionados here...
> 	Yep, and it's a pain that all the Eterm related questions are
> asked on an AfterStep mailing list (as well as in abundance in
> #afterstep).
> 	The key is to look and the error message "Imlib.h: No such file or
> directory" then to look on your HDD to see if you have that file.  If you
> don't and you didn't install things with the tarball (.tar.) and used an
> rpm - then you'll need the <package name>-devel-###.rpm for compiling
> things that requires "development" aka headers aka .h files.
> 	So yadda yadda, hope this is clear and I didn't offend anyone.

I agree.  If it's not an AfterStep question, it would be better if people
would go to the appropriate forum for information on their problems.
Something like this could have been solved with a quick trip to #E on