Re: Feels in AS1.5b4

Armen Yampolsky (
Sat, 03 Oct 1998 16:07:20 -0400

David Mihm wrote:

> ! Armen Yampolsky wrote:
> ! >Doug, thanks for the idea, but I did try that. In fact, I got ahold of a machine
> ! >that had never had AfterStep, installed this version (1.5b4) from the RPM, and
> ! >created a brand new user. Same problem. Feels do not show up -- the contents of
> ! >the backgrounds dir show up instead. Everything else works fine.
> ! >
> ! >Hmm. What is odd is that nobody seems to have noticed this. I'm thinking it's a
> ! >packaging error. Anybody else installed the beta via RPM?
> !
> !  please contact Michael K. Neylon, he created the rpms and ask him about
> !  it. his email address is <>. in the meanwhile u can
> !  get the source in tar.gz and compile it. u shouldn't have any problems
> !  with it.
> My suggestion is
> not to use the rpm.

Yes, that seems to be the way to go! I do hope they fix it, rpm's are convenient IMHO.

BTW, I did uninstall the rpm and grabbed and compiled the latest source of 1.5b4.
After installation, it didn't want to display any xpm files. Again, trying this with a
newly created user and a fresh ~G/L/A hierarchy, and running startx > ~/AF-debug
2>&1, the file read

Not a JPEG file: starts with 0x2f 0x2a
unable to load icon 'as-kill.xpm'

and later on down it said that it couldn't set any backgrounds. I'm at a loss. What's
going on?


Armen Yampolsky
Axiom Software Labs
New York