New FAQ sent out

Andrew Sullivan (
Sun, 18 Oct 1998 14:40:40 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

I've sent the latest FAQ out.  It's dated 17 October, 1998.  David Mihm
has already posted the draft copy I sent him (12 October), which is very
close to the final, 17 October version.

There's a new convention for naming the FAQ.  The files are now called
as-faq.{arabic numeral of date}.{roman numeral of month}.{arabic numeral
of year}.{extension}.  So, the current FAQ souce is as-faq.17.x.1998.sgml.

Here's the file "changes.txt" to let you know what's changed:

----begin changes.txt-----

Changes to the AfterStep FAQ since the version 1.4.6.

All sections:
-usual housekeeping changes (fixed references which have changed, &c.)

Section 1:

-Updated history section, to reflect more recent developments.  (I also
 removed the quote from the man page, in case the man page got re-written &
 therefore wasn't consistent.)
-Added reference to LiteSTEP development for Windows environments.
-Added reference to AfterStepClassic.
-Added reference to French translation of the FAQ.
-Explained new numbering convention for FAQ.

Section 2:

-added references to the development sites.
-added information about new versions
-added reference to IRC channel
-added discussion of using the install script for v. 1.5 for installing
 without root permissions.
-added section on compile problems on SCO and SGI.

Section 3:

-Added section on why the old binaries (e.g. AS v. 1.4.x) still run after
 moving to 1.5
-Moved the section on sound to the Modules section.

Section 4:

-Expanded the section on .steprc, to offer greater support for .steprc users
 and ASClassic users.
-Broke out various ~/G/L/A versions into a separate question, to account for
 version-specific differences.
-Added reference to different syntax for looks & feels in v. 1.5
-Outlined the numeric-sort startmenu.
-Noted the m4 preprocessing Red Hat problem; offered David Mihm's solution.
-Added note about differently-sized titlebar buttons.
-Noted that 1.5 allows merely changing look file for reducing titlebar
-Added section on keybinding.  Mentioned use of feel.ICCCM.
-Added section describing "base" files.
-Added section on IconBox
-Added section on icon-following behaviour
-Moved section on as-apps to a separate major section.
-moved section on windows on top here

Section 5:

-Added response to the "Where do I get cool pixmaps" question.
-Expanded backgrounds section.
-removed discussin of "windows on top" (moved)

Section 6:

-Added mention of Zharf.
-Explained "wrong time" bug on RH.
-Outlined MaxSwallow & Swallow changes
-Noted changed WharfAnimate configuration
-Added note about folders-within-folders
-Mentioned WharfColumns bug
-Discussed how to have fewer desktops in the Pager
-Discussed how to remove Pager from desktop
-Moved "enabling sound" section to here.

Section 7:

This section is a new one, in so far as it is about as-app configuration.

-noted difference between apps and modules
-moved section on xiterm backgrounds here
-moved section on xiterm login shell here
-moved section on "transparent" *terms here; expanded
-moved section on asmix/asmixer problem here
-added section on swallowed asapps looking funny (ref'ce to
 MaxSwallow/Swallow changes)
-moved sections about ascp & TKStep &c. here.  Expanded, ref'ce to new GTK+

Section 8:

-added reference to newer memory leaks (esp v. 1.4.x series)
-requested new repoprts to NumLock bug (noted some recent new reports)
-noted fix of "sticky shade" bug
-noted adjustments to Swallow-exec (i.e. use of -exe args in some apps)
-updated remarks about .workspace_state

Section 9:

-removed remarks on ascp (old section 8); moved to as-apps section.

-----end changes.txt-----

There are already some additions which I have to make, so work has started
on the next version.  If you have requests/comments/answers, don't
hesitate to ask.

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'finger -l' to find the AfterStep FAQ file.