background and sound question
Tue, 20 Oct 1998 09:21:32 -0500

>I have just upgraded to AfterStep 1.5beta5 from version 1.4.55n6.  I
>have successfully reconfigured my look and feel files for this new
>version.  However, when I try to set the desktop background from the
>start menu (start->Decorations->Pictures->Waves.xpm) nothing happens.
You also had to modify your page config file:
*PagerXPM setting is no longer valid, instead you should use:
*PagerDesktopImage   - this one specifies background image for the desktop
*PagerImage - this one specifies small image that you want to appear in
Pager's window.

read README.new_options for more details, also check out man Pager and
supplied pager config file.
your old pager config will not work also becouse
in 1.4 PagerXPM used to point to  /non-configurable/desk0/background
which is not valid for 1.5

>I have restarted a number of times with no success.  I have checked to
>see that the ~/G/L/A/non-configurable/0_background has the background
>I have chosen (it does).  I am currently setting my background with
>xv.  In the previous version, AfterStep set the background for me.

AfterStep will be setting background for you :).
It also now supports JPEG image format.

>Does this not work in 1.5beta5 or am I missing something.
>Also, I get a buzzing noise everytime I move my mouse now.  I didn't
>get this odd noise in the 1.4 version.  Any ideas on this???

>Thanks for your help.
>Jeff Bowman
>P.S.  I tried to go to the #afterstep irc channel on EFnet, but I
>don't think I was very successful.  Could someone please tell me an
>irc server that is connected to EFnet??  I don't know that the server
>I am using is on EFnet.

you can try just :
I personaly use :
>Thanks again.