Re: running on a PPC

Julian Cross (
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 17:41:52 -0800

Sorry if this is a silly question, but do you have Xpmac up and running 
with any other window manager yet? Are you running from on-board video, 
or do you have a 3rd party video card?

There are more recent releases of Xpmac that have fixed a lot of bugs, 
and there's also now another X server for powermacs called XFree68 (heh). 
I don't have the links at the tip of my fingers but I can get them to you 
if needed.

Then again if Xpmac is working with other window managers, especially 
earlier versions of afterstep, check your startx args or .xinitrc to see 
what resolution/bpp X is trying to start with.

What size is your monitor and what rez do you run it at? Since the 7200 
on-board video maxes out at 4 mb and you may have as little as 1 mb vram 
you may not have enough vram to run at 32bpp at whatever rez you are 

Hope something here is helpful...


On 10/2/98 11:31 AM benjamin fry wrote:

>i'm having trouble running v1.4.5 on a powermac 7200 PPC601 120mhz
>i compiled everything without error.
>i made a log file of what happes when i "startx" and this is what it says:
>	Xpmac / Xwindow System (X11R6.3)
>	Release Data: April 29, 1998
>	Running in mode=0, depth=32; req mode=0 depth=0
>	Using VT number 7
>	Mapping frame buffer (physaddr 0x81801400 size 0x3d2c10) at 0x2acef400
>	Waiting for X server to shut down
>in my .xinitrc file i have the line:
>	afterstep
>it nows where the executable is because i don't get an error that it can't
>find it. and the executable works because when i run it from the console i
>	cannot find screen ''