Re: running on a PPC

benjamin fry (
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 13:03:48 -0400

Thanks for the ideas J.  I would like the adresses for the other X servers.
I do have a 3rd party board, ATI Xclaim 3d 8mb of ram, and also have 4mb of
vram on the built in graphics.  I have two monitors connected.  Mac OS
likes it.  I should be able to handle an bit depth just fine.  currently
i'm running at 1152x870 @ 75hz, off the ATI, and 1024x768 @ 75hz off the on
board.  Both are running at millions of colors, 24bit.  I don't know if any
of that makes a difference.  I do have other Xmanagers that work though.
I've tried KDE (works fine) and Window Maker (works, although very buggy).
So i don't think that it's a problem with my X server software.  Does any
of this help?

>Sorry if this is a silly question, but do you have Xpmac up and running
>with any other window manager yet? Are you running from on-board video,
>or do you have a 3rd party video card?
>There are more recent releases of Xpmac that have fixed a lot of bugs,
>and there's also now another X server for powermacs called XFree68 (heh).
>I don't have the links at the tip of my fingers but I can get them to you
>if needed.
>Then again if Xpmac is working with other window managers, especially
>earlier versions of afterstep, check your startx args or .xinitrc to see
>what resolution/bpp X is trying to start with.
>What size is your monitor and what rez do you run it at? Since the 7200
>on-board video maxes out at 4 mb and you may have as little as 1 mb vram
>you may not have enough vram to run at 32bpp at whatever rez you are
>Hope something here is helpful...