New Official FAQ home page

Andrew Sullivan (
Fri, 23 Oct 1998 18:27:38 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all,

Ok, I've broken down, and established a FAQ home page.  I'm not sure,
however, how long it will remain up, as I'm a little uncomfortable with
the terms of service.

I've put the FAQ up on xoom.  You can find it at

If I find that I must use frames or some such thing in order to get the
page to display, it will be removed.  I want this to be accessible to
anyone with a basic UN*X-type system; that should include anyone accessing
from a reasonably current version of lynx.

Again, I am actively soliciting views, comments, criticisms, and
suggestions.  If you have some, or better yet, if you have an answer (or
suggested FAQ: I include all, but not only, AS-related questions which
appear in the mailing list or in my mail at least 5 times in the three
months prior to a FAQ release), please let me know!

There are already 2 new questions planned for the next release (I figure
you know who you are).


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