Re: Problem with start-menu

Tomas Duewiger (
25 Oct 1998 08:40:44 +0100 (Christian B. Wiik) writes:

> Hi. I'm new on this list, so excuse me if I'm asking already discussed
> issues. Is there a online log of all the old mails?
> My question: I can't get the mini-xpm's to show in the start-menu. Is this
> a known problem?

Did you check the look file you are using? There should be a line

MenuMiniPixmaps 0 (or 1)

This should be set to 1 and the minipixmaps are there if you defined them
in your startmenu. 

> Does it have anything to do with the message I get when I
> update the start-menu: "AfterStep: error in config: Support Motif window
> manager function hints in line Support Motif window manager function
> hints"
> What does this mean anyway?

I got the same here it's just a missing "#" in the feel.DEFAULT file. The
comment is not commented out so AS is trying to read it and don't know
what to do with that line. Simply put a "#" in front of it.


Tomas Duewiger