Tomas Duewiger (
25 Oct 1998 08:51:57 +0100

Coplan <> writes:

> I downloaded the latest two versions of ASCP, and tried to gunzip them,
> and I got error messages that I couldn't uncompress them.  Well, I don't
> know what to do now.

It is maybe a bzip2 file? 

> Also, I tried to configure Afterstep 1.5beta5 manually.  The thing is, I'm
> used to the old version of afterstep -- and I can't figure out where to
> begin to configure (.steprc -- does it still exist, and where?).  Before I
> get a RTFM reply, I must state that the manual compiled, but I can't read
> them -- somehow the man program doesn't recognize that they are there, and
> the afterstep internal documents reader doesn't work at all.  HELP!

If you got an emacs installed you also can read the sgml FAQ quite
comfortable. Go to the directory where you compiled AS and ther, in the
doc/ directory you will find the sgml FAQ. If you got sgml2html you can
convert it to html and browse it. 

Also you can visit my webpage for some differences and to see where to
look for the files you need: <>
The man pages won't help you that much I think, when you are familiar with 
AS 1.0 you only need to know where the new files are, that is in fact:
/usr/local/share/afterstep/ # files for system wide configuration and
~/GNUstep/Libary/AfterStep/ for your personal configuration files.


Tomas Duewiger