AS on FreeBSD help needed

Tomas Duewiger (
25 Oct 1998 09:13:11 +0100


Is there anybody in this list using AS on FreeBSD? 
I would need some help with some of the applets. I just help Albert to get
a list of AS applets that also runs on FreeBSD, so far I sorted out the
ones that are running without problems, but with some I got strange error
messages. That are asfsm-1.0pre15 and aspostit-1.0, there I get an
unresolved symbol in I patched asfsm-1.0pre13 to work but
the new version won't run.

Also I wrote a patch for asmodem to work under FreeBSD, so far it works,
but I don't got a modem to test it and would like someone testing it.

Next thing is, that I can't figure out, if there is a chance to get the
apps working that use the /proc filesystem, since there is a big
difference between Linux and FreeBSD. I would need some advice here.

I also installed gtk+-1.1.2 to see if ascp will compile on FreeBSD but I
get an undefined symbol `_main' in /usr/lib/crt0.o. 

I really would appreciate some help from someone with more progamming
knowledge. ;-)

BTW: The main AfterStep runs fine on FreeBSD without any patches.


Tomas Duewiger