Re: running on a PPC

Doug Alcorn (
04 Oct 1998 22:49:54 -0400

benjamin fry <> writes:

> in my .xinitrc file i have the line:
> 	afterstep
I don't really have anything usefull to say, I thought I would just
ask one of those "is it plugged in" questions.  (On a sidebar, I am
often confused about whether the X server is looking for a .xinitrc or
a .xsession.  Anyway, my RH 5.1 box running XFree86 3.3.2 uses the
.xsession and never looks at the .xinitrc) The only thing I wanted to
point out is that I 'exec afterstep' rather than just 'afterstep'.
Minor point; don't know if it will help at all.

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