Re: AS on FreeBSD help needed

Tomas Duewiger (
25 Oct 1998 16:51:32 +0100

Brett Taylor <> writes:

> > Is there anybody in this list using AS on FreeBSD?
> Yes - at least me and Bean, the new WWW site maintainer.

Good to hear ;-)

> > I would need some help with some of the applets. I just help Albert to
> >get a list of AS applets that also runs on FreeBSD, so far I sorted out
> >the ones that are running without problems, but with some I got strange
> >error messages. That are asfsm-1.0pre15 and aspostit-1.0, there I get an
> >unresolved symbol in I patched asfsm-1.0pre13 to work but
> >the new version won't run.
> I am the port maintainer for FreeBSD.  I'll be honest I haven't mucked
> around much lately w/ the betas because:
> 	1) I've been VERY busy.
> 	2) I could never get the jpeg support to work and I got disgusted
> 	   and gave up.  I finally got the configure script to find the
> 	   jpeg libraries (and that was a chore since I don't understand
> 	   configure at all) but then during the compile it dies when it
> 	   tries to use -ljpeg!  Grrrr.....

Hm, I'm very new to FreeBSD, and before I knew how the ports work I
compiled and installed AS 1.5beta4. Until now it runs without any
problems. Maybe it's not the way it should be done, but now it's too

> I think at one point I had most of the apps working.  I also get strange
> Xaw errors in a few of them even though they compile and I'm not sure why.
> As I recall I got asfsm to run once at some point but doesn't it use the
> /proc filesystem?  If so (and my memory is not clear on this) then it
> won't work out of the box.

No I patched asfsm-1.0pre13 to work fine (in the end I had just to change
the "df -Bk" command to "df -k". asfsm-1.0pre15 got problems with and at that point I really don't know what to do.

> > Also I wrote a patch for asmodem to work under FreeBSD, so far it works,
> >but I don't got a modem to test it and would like someone testing it.
> Did you submit this as a port to FreeBSD?  If so I stole your patches and
> put them in the afterstep-devel port when I submitted it.

No, I stole the patches you stole before from someone else ;-), I'm not a
bit of a programmer, I only can compare the sources. 

>  I haven't
> tested it yet, even though I have a modem.  I can if you want.

Would be nice, I will mail the patch to you later.

> > Next thing is, that I can't figure out, if there is a chance to get the
> >apps working that use the /proc filesystem, since there is a big
> >difference between Linux and FreeBSD. I would need some advice here.
> I have patches somewhere for asload and they were going to be included in
> the next port submission.  (I probably won't try to get a port committed
> until 1.5 is released).  Porting things from Linux to FreeBSD that use the
> /proc is a pain to say the least.

Ok, then it is out of my range to try something on that.

Thanks for the help.

Tomas Duewiger