Re: Upgrading AS, libc5 okay?

Albert Dorofeev
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 21:32:21 +0100 (CET)

David LaMothe writes:
> indeed an RPM for it. The RPM required glibc, yet the source compiled without
> errors and the program works just fine. Have I just found the Holy Grail after
> being spoon fed with RPM's?

Yep. Both :)

> So my question is can I install the latest AS from source, or for that matter,
> any new program?

Well, you know, there must have been "something"
before the existence of RedHat. Besides, there are
a couple dozens other distributions that do not
use RPMs at all. You can install anything, even
the complete GNU/Linux system all by yourself
without having even one single RPM. RPMs make your
life easier in the most cases when they are made
well (I hope RPMs are close to Debian packages).
Sometimes , however , it is better to use the
source files, especially when you want to be on
the edge of the development version (like for

> Also, if I can do it, would upgrading from TkStep-4.2 to 8.x (?) enhance AS in
> any significant way?

Well, it will not affect AfterStep itself in any way
at all. However, I prefere TkStep because I like
what all these Tcl/Tk applications begin to look


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