Re: Upgrading AS, libc5 okay?

Andrew Sullivan (
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 12:47:43 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, David LaMothe wrote:

> I'd like to upgrade to the latest and greatest AS. At the moment I'm running
> RedHat 4.2 Intel (libc5) with AS 1.0-3 which I installed as an RPM almost a
> year ago. The switch to glibc (aka libc6...hey it was all news to me <g>) has
> prohibited my installing virtually every upgraded RPM. Last week, however, I
> compiled and installed a program from source, only to find that there was
> indeed an RPM for it. The RPM required glibc, yet the source compiled without
> errors and the program works just fine. Have I just found the Holy Grail after
> being spoon fed with RPM's?
> So my question is can I install the latest AS from source, or for that matter,
> any new program?

Roughly speaking, yes.  The libc versions that you are talking about are
(to put it terribly imprecisely) somewhat incompatible versions of the
same functionality.  When you compile a program from source, you use these
libraries to make the source code into a binary that will function on your
system.  So, to get a program working, you can compile it from source, and
get a system-specific binary.  The only caveat here is that you need all
the libraries to which there are references in the source code.  (This is
why people sometimes get problems compiling after upgrading their X
installation: they don't get all the required new libraries.)

RPMs, as I understand it, contain a binary already.  There is a way to use
RPMs to recompile and install.  I don't know anything about that; but
there are some RH gurus around here.  (Note: I am not a guru of any kind,
and don't wish to suggest I am!)


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