drop down menu and start up problems.

Linux Idiot (esoteric@denali.atlnet.com)
Thu, 01 Oct 1998 12:33:39 +0000

I'm running 1.4 still, but noticed a small problem.  Whenever I select a
drop down menu from a tool bar, as I move down the menu, it sometimes
becomes hidden behind the main window.  If I move to a different toolbar
selection, the new drop down will appear and then I can go back to the
original one.  Is this peculiar to 1.4?  Has anyone else seen this?

Another minor problem.  I use xdm to login, and on occasion, when I do,
only parts of my autoexec get started.  Doesn't seem to be a pattern. 
Sometimes it's just the background, other times it's the background and
a wharf or an xterm.  If I exit and relogin, I'm eventually successful. 
Anyone else see this happen?

If I decide to upgrade to 1.5, is there a substantial difference?  I'm
just now getting use to this (HUGE) directory tree for AS....

Until later: Geoffrey		esoteric@denali.atlnet.com

You mean you paid MONEY for Service Pack '98????

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