Re: Screen Capturing with AS

(Cybiades) Peter B (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 03:21:42 -0600

David Mihm wrote:
> On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, (Cybiades) Peter B wrote:
> !
> ! I have RH5.0 and AS 1.4.5(?) Anyhow, when I clicked upon take screenshot
> ! or windowshot, it'd do examination of .Aftersteperrors
> ! showed that I lacked xgrabsc (good on you Red Hat!). So I went and
> ! downloaded's sitting in my /usr/X11R6/bin dir with most of the X
> !, it still does do I get Afterstep to
> ! recognise that xgrasc exists, or is there a better screen/window grabber
> ! to use? Preferably in .rpm format if anyone knows of one...
>         You already have something to take screenshots with, it's called
> xwd, and is part of the XFree pkg.  I prefer this to xgrabsc (it never
> compiled for me) and to xv (which doesn't work to well), but the catch is;
> you will need to convert it from the default format (.xwd) to the format
> of your choice. The programs that I am aware of that can translate the
> .xwd format are ImageMagick's convert (the best!) and the GIMP (who needs
> the overhead just to convert (: )
>         If you wish to view it before you convert it, you can use another
> tool tht you should already have - xwud, this will allow you to view the
> .xwd file.
>         Check the man pages for the full range of options to these
> programs.

Thank you very much! Actually, xwd lets you save it in .xpm format
too...I tried xwd -out boogle.xpm and it saves it as an xpm...I haven't
tried saving it as a JPEG or GIF yet...but thank you once again!

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